Welcome to the Business Campus

They really look great, the large white letters on the façade. Above, you can still see the scaffolding required to finish this job on a sunny Wednesday, 2 September. Scroll down quickly to find out what has changed in the building.

This new Business Campus opened in the last week of August for employees with a mobile barista which offered specialty coffee for the first two weeks. Anyone who stood there enjoying a cup of heaven would immediately have noticed a big change: the fences are gone!

The video is subtitled in English

Take an extra step

The reception desk in the large hall has changed beyond recognition. What do you think? And what about the escalators? Just like that, they were gone!

Step counters be aware! You are taking at least at least 40 extra steps per working day on the Business Campus. People with reduced mobility can take one of the lifts, which can be found in their familiar location.

Look at Jeroen go!

Before we continue talking about all the changes, it might be nice to find out how Jeroen Prent already knew very well before the summer what the first and second floors would look like...

Video is in Dutch

Throwback: CE students take a sneak peek at Fraijlemaborg

This video (in Dutch) isn't even six months old, but it’s already hopelessly outdated. Actually, Kirsten and Lars only wanted to know one thing: where’s the quiet room? From the library, they walked to the modest quiet room on the first floor. But now, this is where they will find ... the CE staff room. Kirsten and Lars, please note: on the ground floor behind the stairs that replaced the iconic escalators, you will find plenty of collaboration spaces and quiet rooms for students. As Jeroen Prent said on the construction site: the small area they took for the staff room will be amply returned to the students, see the picture below with one of the two quiet rooms to the right behind the glass.

"The idea that the city center is within the A10 motorway is completely outdated. Nobody will think that way in ten years. That whole idea of ​​that ring is really no longer possible. We have to get rid of that very quickly."

Via the Focus and Ezine newsletter, we shared some photos of the renovation and are once again including a small selection above. The first phase of the renovation began in June 2019, when colleagues moved to the Nicolaes Tulphuis building. Phase two started in late 2019, and phase three the summer of 2020. A frequently asked question at the time was why the renovation was actually required at all. The answer in short: in order to make room for all the FBE programmes and the need for more study and research space in form of the mixed zones, this renovation was necessary. This gives more opportunity for informal learning, work and meeting spaces and more blended learning, a goal that if you believe it or not, preceded the coronavirus! In October 2018, it was also announced that the immediate surroundings of the Business Campus should be cozier, safer and attractive.

"Let students mess around, innovate, collaborate. With local entrepreneurs and ING professionals too. We shouldn’t be battening down the building and our degree programme, but throwing the doors wide open."

Watch this video if you want to know...

  • where the Part-Time Academy has gone;
  • what Faculty Secretary Max Paschold is particularly impressed with;
  • why there is a pirate flag on the wall behind Facility Coordinator Michel Boog.

Don’t miss the new staff rooms

Here, the staff room for the financial cluster on the third floor is the attractive backdrop to a coffee break taken by Peter van der Torre and Jasper van der Klooster. On the first floor (CE and JCA) and fourth floor (AMSIB), you will also find fully renovated staff rooms, including a spacious kitchen and an impressive quiet area.

"In the city centre, you're surrounded by tourists and expats. It's fun to drink a beer there from time to time, but the energy has long since moved elsewhere. It’s in Zuidoost these days: that’s where the transition is taking place."

Watch this video if you want to know...

  • where the Centre for Market Insights (CMI) unpacked its boxes;
  • the first impression of Mohammed Skori (student and Vice-Chair of the FBE School Representative Advisory Council);
  • what makes Director of Operational Management Jeroen Visser's heart beat faster.
"Far away? For international students, Zuidoost is really close to city centre. Six metro stops? That's nothing. International students are used to spending time travelling."

In his best English, Programme Coordinator Menno van Overmeeren already gave a tour of the new premises of the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) on the fourth floor a year ago. Check out the video here.

"Something international is happening in Amsterdam Zuidoost, people come from all over the world, with more than a hundred nationalities. It's alive and buzzing, you can really sense it."

Watch this video if you want to know...

  • whether lecturer Peter Krak (Accountancy) wants to be recognisable on screen;
  • which place Service Manager Gert-Jan Baerents considers the most successful;
  • where you can find Roberto for coffee!

Moving Amsterdam Zuidoost

We arrived at Fraijlemaborg five years ago and were immediately swept up in the exciting atmosphere brought about by new developments in the city.

Cumulus Park

Cumulus Park is the leading innovation district in Amsterdam Zuidoost that aims to become the place where entrepreneurs, large and small companies, start-ups, researchers, lecturers and students will work together in the years ahead to find solutions to social challenges related to urbanisation and digital identity.

Hey, who are we quoting?

The quotes that run through the magazine come from conversations with students, teachers and various other stakeholders during the transformation of Fraijlemaborg to AUAS Business Campus. Courtesy of Bourne Design.

The most important changes at a glance

• Clusters MS&T and the Part-time Academy and the Center for Market Insights have moved from the Wibaut Building to the Business Campus • The Part-time Academy now has a prominent place on the ground floor near the entrance and the Study Square • The Center for Market Insights now resides in a corner of the library (the library has new silent workplaces in the Study Square in return) • The MS&T cluster with programmes CE and JCA has moved to the first and second floor, and has board rooms, a lecturers' room and new classrooms • The FBE Education Office has been relocated on the first floor • Management and staff have new workplaces on the ground floor • The Black fence in front of the building has been removed as much as possible • Large white letters ‘Business Campus’ and the logos of the AUAS and AUAS now adorn the facade • The desk of the Service Desk has been thoroughly overhauled (unfortunately due to corona, the Service Desk is temporarily located in the Atrium on the first floor) • Escalators have been removed • Project and meeting rooms are equipped with AV screens • There are different forms of Mixed Zones: silent workplaces, train compartments, seating areas to meet or work together • We are still looking at how we can better design digital education on campus (streaming options, digital meetings) • All art has been removed. It will be replaced by contemporary art from Amsterdam Zuidoost, in collaboration with OSCAM (probably during the autumn holidays, in any case during this academic year) • Study associations have their own space on each floor • Auditoria are temporarily used for furniture storage

Still work in progress…

  • Signage
  • Foil on windows
  • Profiling of programmes on their own floors
  • Plants throughout the building
  • Atrium layout

Colleagues, thank you for your attention!

All new photos were taken by Omri Raviv, the six photos of the renovation by colleague Michel Boog. Ground floor plan courtesy of Bourne Design.


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